Our Capabilities



Aiming at absolute customer satisfaction by promoting creativity and innovation without sacrificing quality, Hiperteknoloji Savunma stands out with its visionary perspective that invests in the future. Hiperteknoloji Savunma, which is engaged in machining with its state-of-the-art machinery, especially in defence and aviation, practices a qualified and reassuring understanding of quality with its AS9100 Rev.D Aviation Standard quality system, starting from raw material entry to product shipment.



Established with the innovative vision of Ankara Seramik, which has been successful in its sector for more than twenty-five years, Hiperteknoloji Savunma is producing high value-added manufacturing in the aviation and defence industry fields.

Hiperteknoloji Savunma combines the speed required by the age with power and stability.

Having succeeded in combining its design, manufacturing and assembly capabilities with its experienced staff in the fields of defence and aviation industry, Hiperteknoloji Savunma is committed to manufacturing the products needed by its customers on time and in a appropriate manner.

By adding new capabilities to its existing capabilities, aiming to become one of the most preffered companies of Turkey in the fields of aviation and defence industry, Hiperteknoloji Savunma draws attention with its rich machinery portfolio.



MIG-MAG-TIG weldings for aluminium-steel-armor steel are performed by our experienced welding team



Sprecific and sensitive defence and aerospace systems are assembled by our experienced team.